RELEASED: March 8, 2016
ARTIST: The 518 Band
LABEL: Spotted Dog Studios
Live Recordings From “The Pit”


The 518 Band was formed in the spring of 2016 when the breakup of The Alibi Band forced the remaining members, Scott Bourdeau, Fran Bourdeau and Bob(Boogie)Wicks to essentially start over again. We decided to make our full time sound man Jason Wicks a member of the band. With the addition of Jason we also started to update our set lists to reach a younger audience than we previously played to. We rehearse in a small recording room we fondly refer to as “The Pit” generally twice a week. Sometimes we record these rehearsals for our own evaluation of our progress. Our goal isĀ  and will always be to provide you (our growing group of followers) with our tightest interpretations of classic rock cover tunes.

Copyright 2016 518 Band